How To Link Your Social Media Accounts Easily

Social media marketing is increasingly becoming popular in today’s business world. It helps businesses to connect well to other companies and customers as well. There are many social media platforms with the leading ones being Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap chat, and Twitter. Every platform is unique in its way, and it allows the business to reach a particular type of audience. However, the process of managing or operating multiple social media counts is not easy.

It is also time-consuming, considering that you have to open each account individually to make your business posts. Luckily, there are several programs in which the multiple account owners can manage their accounts simultaneously. As mentioned by the folks of LinkInBio, the best program can help you manage your account and get numerous links for your bio URL. If you are overwhelmed with the individual posting of the social media platforms, here are helpful tools and programs which you can use to connect your multiple accounts.

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Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management tools. Its convenience and ease of use have attracted millions of business people, and it still wins thousands every day. To use it, you should first login to its site. After that, you should sign up to create your account and choose the ideal payment plan which works best for you. When you select the plan, you will get a list of different features you can use to connect your social media accounts.


Everypost is another useful social media management tool. It is a paid plan, and you should choose a suitable method depending on your accounts’ needs. The cost of the plan depends on the features. When you choose your ideal plan, you should also select the number of accounts that you intend to link in the platform. Besides the account, there is a blank space where you should insert the text for the posts you intend to share. You can either type in your text, or let the platform suggest for you.


Buffer is an easy-to-use program. It is efficient, and its dashboard is clear and straightforward. Similarly to the other platforms, you should first log into the site and create an account. After that, you should choose a list of the social media platforms which you wish to link.

Click connect, and arrange a posting schedule of how often you will be posting on the program. You can also choose the specific audience that you would like your posts to reach. If you have a busy schedule, you will only need to leave posts, and then the site will automatically post on your behalf, in line with the set schedules.


This is another exciting program for managing social media platforms. It has fascinating features that make it easier for you to market your brand to a broader audience. You can schedule the posting times, make posts, and observe the traffic of your social media sites.

You can also find new people or followers on each platform while using the program. Unlike many applications, the SocialOomph gives its users a one week trial period. During that time, they can use the tool and test its functionality. If it works well, they can now then choose to upgrade to the other premium options.


As the name implies, the MarketMeSite is specifically designed for marketing purposes. It mostly favors the small business owners who would like to increase the visibility of the businesses. The site allows the entrepreneurs to connect their multiple social platforms, interact with clients, and build strong bonds with their client base. As an ethical marketing platform, the users of this site enjoy location targeting and cloud technology. The tool is mobile-friendly, meaning that you can easily open it on your android, or a smartphone.


Yoono is an incredible site for businesses looking to find more followers or customers. Besides managing the accounts, the website enhances your social interactions with your friends and people with similar goals to yours. It supports almost all the social media platforms, but still, you can select the few platforms which you wish to connect. For instance, you may choose to link Facebook and Instagram only and leave the others. The site is easy to use too, and you won’t experience challenges after downloading it.

It is easier to manage your social media platforms when they are linked to a single platform. The linking saves you time and helps you to monitor the traffic of your marketing platforms. Find the ideal platforms for your business, and enjoy the benefits of media social marketing in today’s digital era.

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