How Online Advertisers Find You: From Ad Agency To Your Website

When starting a website, you have a few choices for how you set things up. You can go for a model where you sell stuff, or maybe you have your readers or customers subscribe to your services. There is also the option to monetize your site through ads. This is; however, tricky business if you don’t know how and where to start. Just starting a website and then slamming on some ads from Google Adsense will most likely not make any sustainable impact. You have to make sure the website is driving traffic first in order to attract the advertisers and the clicks.

How to achieve that goal is an entirely different article, which I will get into another time. Right now, you might be sitting there scratching your head wondering just how these ads will go from the ad agencies, to finding your website, and in the end choosing to advertise on it. It’s quite a process which makes every ad you land a success that you should celebrate. Here on Bit Rebels we have monthly competitions of various kinds to drive ourselves to do better and to ultimately attract advertisers to advertise on our site.

Luma Partners LLC commissioned Infographic Lab to put together an Agency to Audience process infographics to enlighten everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in the field of advertising. To master this field you have to have skills, social capabilities, and a whole lot of drive. If the company you approach doesn’t feel that your spot on the Internet is worth their money, and you really know it is, it’s up to you to make sure they know it, no matter how you do it.

It’s not uncommon that you have to approach an advertiser not only twice but up to five or six times before they know that you and your website are dedicated to getting their message out. As you all know, we here at Bit Rebels are super dedicated to writing articles and to sharing the cool and the trends. Based on that, we also try to make sure we are as committed to our advertisers as we are to everything else that has to do with Bit Rebels.

So, in order for you to really take a leap forward in your journey to monetize your blog, and to understand the intricate world of advertisers and ads, I strongly suggest that you have a look at this really informative infographic and start planning your strategy to take over the world. Dedication is all that is needed to succeed. Whatever inspires you to stay dedicated, you should keep doing it over and over again. In the end, you will succeed and the advertisers will flock to put their name on your website.

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gency To Audience Advertise Infographic

Header Image Credit: [balein / Shutterstock]