How To Effectively Boost Your Instagram Presence

Have you been frustrated by a lack of Instagram followers? Are you hoping to employ this platform in order to successfully advertise what it is that you are offering? While Instagram is a great tool, its benefits are limited by the actions that you take. Followers do not grow on trees and simply posting a few engaging pics is not sufficient. If you hope to transform from a zero into a hero, there are a handful of professional suggestions to adopt along the way. Let’s take a look at some top tips so that your profile can enjoy the exposure that it deserves.

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Using Others To Boost Your Own Status

Like any other social media portal, Instagram thrives on shared content and connecting with others. One of the most common errors made by novices is that they fail to leverage this aspect to their advantage. Still, let’s not forget that there are millions of users from all around the world. It is illogical and downright exhausting to try and target such a wide audience base. A much more effective approach is to remain within your niche sector. Not only can you free up additional time, but the chances are much higher than your unique content will resonate with others. This can quickly lead to more followers and quality feedback.

Posting content from other users is another key strategy to adopt. Once again, make sure that it is relevant to your marketplace. It should also be mentioned that you will need to mention the creator of this content within the description on your page. Recent changes to Instagram rules have taken this a step further, as you are now also required to ask permission before such actions can take place. The good news is that the majority of Instagram users will normally be quite happy for you to post their material. After all, they require exposure as well.

Finally, be sure to respond to any correspondences and comments. The most successful Instagram users are those who regularly chat with their fans. Remaining silent will do little to boost your credibility. In the rare event that you encounter negative feedback, respond assertively and openly as opposed to aggressively. There is no use waging an Instagram “war”, as such actions will only result in bad press. They could even detract others from following your page in the future.

Hashtags, Influencers And Other Tips

There are a few other points to mention if you hope to get more Instagram followers without spreading your efforts too thin. One of these involves the use of hashtags when creating content. Some feel that the presence of these links should be kept to a minimum within the text. However, others have embraced the concept that more is better. This will likely depend upon the material that you are producing, so feel free to experiment with hashtags until you find the so-called “Goldilocks zone” that evokes the most responses from your followers.

Social influencers are key tools that should always be considered. A social influencer is essentially an individual who has already established his or her credibility within a specific industry. Examples can include university professors, celebrities, scientists and even other Instagram profiles that have gained millions of followers. If an influencer is able to give you a “shout-out” or mention your page within his or her posts, their loyal fan base is likely to examine what you have to offer.

This can tremendously boost your presence. One word of caution should be mentioned here. Avoid influencers who have been known to use bots to generate fake followers. This will negatively impact your profile and in severe cases, you could even be banned from the site entirely.

Finally, link to other portals from within Instagram. The social media world is defined by strength in numbers and such links can provide the clout required to take your account to the next level. Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and even your own personal website can be used in this manner. Once again, try to keep the branding uniform so that followers are not confused or alienated. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly other fans begin to roll in once you have established a presence across multiple pages.

To be clear, becoming a veritable Instagram celebrity will require time as well as hard work. These suggestions are intended to provide you with an intuitive edge so that your efforts can be correctly channeled. The fact of the matter is that a successful Instagram presence is much more a reality than you may have initially believed. Still, Rome was not built in a day and veritable stardom will certainly not occur overnight. As the number of Instagram members continues to grow, there are more opportunities within this virtual world than ever before.

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