How To Calculate & Compare Social Engagement [Infographic]

I have personally always thought that it was hard to compare engagement on different social networking services. First of all, you need to have the same setup in order to compare something. I mean, the services available to us are so different that comparing them almost makes it seem unnatural. The result feels like it is polluted with odd factors, and that makes a comparison feel dodgy from the get go. But it doesn’t have to be that hard to compare your engagement to what others have on those services. As it turns out, there are actually some rather simple and nifty algorithms that will enable to you to cross compare social networking engagement. All you need to know are some of the most common metrics from the social networks you use, and you can start laying it all out.

Have a look at this infographic called Engagement Is A Real Metric (by socialbakers), and you will quickly see that you can actually compare your engagement with several of the top brands in social media. I am sure you can use the algorithms mentioned in order to calculate other social networking engagement rates as well. All you need is the number of what is equivalent to likes, comments and shares. That should be it really.

Social networking is all about engagement, that is the truth. However, there are of course times when you have positioned yourself as a content provider, and that makes engaging a little bit less prioritized. That is the biggest hurdle for a blog or news site to overcome since their content is debated and commented on through their location on the web, their website. Besides, if you are a small blog with a lot of traffic, time can be in limited supply, which makes connecting and engaging quite a steep mountain to tread.

I am sure I could go more into detail about all this, but I don’t want to clutter the topic with a lot of unnecessary guff about metrics and what they mean. I think everyone knows what they mean, and how important they are for a company. If you don’t know how you are doing within social media, you will have a hard time increasing and improving your performance on it. It’s just what it is all about. Sure, I am a statistical fanatic and I love numbers, but for a company to progress, you need to know what numbers you have to work with. These are the basics of all branding and marketing. The question is, how do you market your brand in social media? Do you know what you need to perfect and refine? With these numbers, you will get a pretty good idea about how you’ll want to bend the road ahead of you.


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