How To Create Effective Posts On The 4 Main Social Sites [Infographic]

Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ is easy as pie. You just type some words, and add a photo if you want to get fancy. That’s pretty much it. If you want to actually be effective though, that can take a little bit more finesse and patience. Just like you learn through trial and error what topics your blog readers gravitate to, you have to take time to learn about your social media audiences as well. You can learn how to create effective posts on each site.

The interesting thing to me is that each social site is different. For example, I know my personal Facebook audience will like anything about Star Wars, and I know my Twitter audience prefers creative foodie stuff.

Based on that information, a few days ago I sent a tweet with a picture of the new watermelon Oreos, and it spawned a lot of engagement. I know my audience well enough to know that the same picture would have bombed on Facebook, so I didn’t post it there. I chose something else for Facebook that was more tailored to that audience. It’s important to know who your audience is and what they like.

There are some generic things you can do when you’re learning how to create effective posts. This infographic called How To Create Perfect Posts On Social Platforms (by MyCleverAgency) provides a lot of great information. I wish it was a larger size so it would be easier to read, but that’s okay. I love that positivity breeds engagement and sharing on Facebook. Twitter works well with a call to action. Pinterest likes the color red and no human faces. And last but not least, hashtags are popular on Google+ so it’s important to use them.

Just picking up the tips in this infographic might cut your time in half when you’re learning how to create effective posts for the four most popular social sites. If you are a social media manager, you might find this especially useful. Good luck!

How To Create Effective Posts On The 4 Main Social Sites


Via: [Social Media Today]


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    Manashree 9 years

    The timings you have mentioned at the end, which time zone it belongs to?
    Please reply. Waiting…
    Thank you!

  • comment-avatar
    Pet Nic 9 years

    Manashree, I believe the timings are related to the time zone of the largest audience you wish your message to reach to have maximum impact.

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    cheap hajj packages 9 years

    Thanks Diana Adams Actually i have just started a new blog for a service. I know social media site audience is too important for any site btw your post will helpful for thanks.

  • comment-avatar

    The infographic is probably relevant for most time zones. The times are related to common day/night activity patterns.

    Not so useful for the Arctic or Antarctic, but useful in other places.

    Apart from Pinterest, it looks like the times to avoid are when most people are sleeping. I suppose Pinterest users are doing other things around the evening meal-time. Maybe that reflects who is usually making meals.

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    Both your post and this one – are similar in terms of times. However, if you are targeting the globe, those times remain the same around the world. So, you have to take into consideration that 9PM in New York is around 9AM in Singapore, so you will have to post at that time. Make sure you understand your business, who your target is and if it’s global, then you’re posting around the clock.

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    The timing applies to ALL of the time zones, i.e. if you are posting on FB do so at the appropriate time for each zone if you are engaging people across the country. If you are engaging only locally, apply it to your own timezone. I hope that helps.

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    Great post Diana. It gives concise and straight forward tips on using Social Media channels. I am sure it will help me in taking my travel blog further.

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    Zsolt Szetei 9 years

    thanx for sharing ! but i dont agree with Engaging – this is one of the critical topics that u must administrate and pay attention to it.