How To: Find The Secret YouTube Game!

Little did I know that the “Worm” game has been under my nose this entire time. It’s kind of a secret hidden Easter egg that YouTube incorporated for viewers to overcome those sometimes long loading times. It’s a neat little trick that will keep you occupied well past the loading time. When you’re finally done playing, you can watch the video that you intended to watch the entire time.

So what is it you have to do in order for the game to start? Well, it’s quite simple really. You only have to go to the preferred video clip. It has to be a new one with the new player. Then when you see the player start to load the video clip, press the pause button on the player.

After doing this, the video will keep loading; however, during this time press and hold the “left” key for a few seconds and voila! There is your worm game. Play it as long as you want, and if you die, just hold the “left” key down again and the game will start over. It’s really neat and a simple way to pass time while loading new video clips!