How to: Get Feedback on Twitter

While going through the comments on the How to Get Followed on Twitter |Twitter 101 article, a reader posted an interesting  question.  She asked me if there was a way to get feedback on Twitter.  As per her comment, there were occasions where she posted a question and non of her followers gave her any feedback and I believe it has already happened a lot of times.

When I was a newbie on Twitter I had the same experience, i never even get a single re tweet or a hello on the stream.  One can either do two things, give up or learn and persevere.

Here are some of the things that I hope will help you get noticed and finally get some feedbacks when you do try to ask a question on Twitter.

1. Build Relationships – sending good links and retweeting are great ways to show your followers that you appreciate them and want to share, but engaging them makes you more real to them.  A real person behind your avatar. When you do ask a question or want a response it would be easier for them to speak with you. Check out my friend Diana’s article on 10 Tips to Build meaningful relationships on Twitter.

2. @them – If you know that a person is already an expert in the field go ahead initiate the conversation, ask them the question directly.  If you feel intimidated you have the option to send a DM (direct message).

3. Share – I am not talking about sharing content but rather, if you see your follower asking questions on the stream, and you know that you can help, give your feedback.  They will reciprocate for sure. This may even be a start of your friendship.

There is no formula or magic tricks needed on Twitter, one just needs to be more open and giving.