How To Get More Clicks On Your Tweets [Infographic]

One of the most intriguing aspects of Twitter, if you are a company or a brand, is your ability to drum up an instant debate, interaction or viral campaign with just one tweet. It’s not easy, as some of us know, but it is quite possible if you have the connections and the ability to wow people with your tweets. I have to admit that I haven’t been too active on Twitter lately due to increased work behind the screen, but I am still inspired to connect with new people on Twitter. Hopefully I will get more time for that as soon as some of the projects we are working on here at Bit Rebels are finished. Even for us though, the techniques to engage and to get clicks on Twitter is an endeavor that is anything but easy.

Of course there are certain procedures and tips that will increase the likelihood of someone actually clicking on your tweets, and HubSpot‘s Dan Zarrella put together a little guide based on data collected that might help you increase your engagement on Twitter. The pace at which you tweet links seems to have a profound impact on interaction and clicks as well. A slower pace yields a higher CTR (click through rate) than links that are tweeted more frequently.

It is also important to mention that just because you start tweeting links less frequently, it doesn’t mean you’ll get more clicks overall in a day. If you tweet 24 links per day (which is one per hour), you might end up with a lot of traffic, but you might get more traffic if you tweet 48 links per day (2 every hour) overall over the same period of time. The engagement is purely measured per link tweeted, and it is a vague way of measuring traffic and interaction if you are a website or brand. However, as a Twitter user, it is probably better to tweet less links per day since you will get more engagement in between, where you are actually interacting with your followers. This is of course is a great way to network and connect with new people. So, even though Dan Zarrella expresses a much valid point, data can always be looked at from more than one perspective. I greatly enjoy the data presented and the way Dan designed this infographic called How To Get More Clicks On Twitter. However, I am still waiting for that ultimate in-depth Twitter infographic that takes all of these factors into consideration.


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