How To Get Your Content Shared [Infographic]

In a time when everything online is an attempt to grab your attention, it’s not easy to get your content seen, read or shared. But there are ways that you can pierce through the noise and come out on top. If you have an audience that is quick about checking out your content and then sharing it, you will end up with a pretty strong brand in the end. The more interactive your audience is, the better your brand will do. But how do you go about getting your content shared?

Many people would say sharing is caring, and that it’s always favored and returned, but I have to disagree with that. My own experience is that even though I like someone’s posts and share or comment on them, the content creator never seems to return the favor. It’s just the ecosystem of social media I guess, but there is still time to change all that.

It so happens that if you position yourself right and choose the most suitable social networking services, you could gain quite a lot through your content sharing. We clearly see that in a study compiled into an infographic called How To Get Your Content Shared, presented by Mediarun. It gives us a clearer picture about how content is different depending on what social networking service it’s shared on.

Even though most of us have been on social media for many years now, this infographic still gives us a lot of useful information. I am especially intrigued by the preferred content types per social networking service. This is a great little sharing map for increasing your success over the different social networking services. The content shared usually works best if it is watercooler stuff for Facebook, social media stuff for Twitter, technology stuff for Google+ and of course business for LinkedIn.

By having a look at this infographic, you can possibly increase and optimize the time and performance of your content. Publish your content when both Europe and the United States are awake, and you will most likely see an increase in both the content shared and who interacts with it.

Optimize The Return On Content Shared

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