How to: Keep Twittering at work!

Are you a hard working person that is truly appreciated at work for everything you do but secretly watch the Internet when no one is watching thinking you will always get away with it? Or, are you just so bored at work sometimes that you bring up your browser to go check on your friends updates on Twitter? If you are then this little hack is certainly for you! It will change the way you feel in the morning when going to work cause you know you will be all set for greatness and comfort throughout the day.

The great people over at HouseholdHacker is once again showing their awesomeness in delivering the ultimate guide to a work day full of Twitter updates without you ever having to worry about the boss catching you in the act of updating or reading your Twitter stream.

In just a few clicks you will be able to actually read your Twitter stream right there in Microsoft Excel while “working” on calculations and other stuff. There is nothing better than pulling in your RSS feed right into Excel and make you the king deception at work. As the clip will show you, you only have to add a convincing headline and the cover up is complete. You can watch Twitter all day long without getting caught! What a wonderful world we live in. Don’t you think? Enjoy!