How To: Secure Your Online Info

As more and more people go online and participate in communities like FaceBook, Twitter and communicate via Gmail or maintain blogs, their information and documents need to be secure.  You wouldn’t want to lose them for sure.  Pictures and portfolios for example are precious commodities for bloggers and designers.  If you do not secure a back up then you might regret it.

It is unlikely that an online service will simply lose your data, just as it is unlikely that a hard drive will just delete a file. It does happen occasionally, but your real concerns for cloud services are hackers, viruses, user error and legal issues. Many services can shut off access without warning if they think you violated their terms of service. Many hackers are targeting online accounts because they are easier to access than your computer. On top of that, roughly 1/3 of all data loss is due to simple user error. These are the kinds of risks that the tool Backupify can minimize.  Plus the tool is quite easy to use.  Just install it, and it automatically backs up your information.

Included a screenshot of the service for your appreciation.

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