Mind-Twisting Magic Vine Videos That Are All About Illusions

It’s amazing how a “new” format of expression can change the way we look at things. When Vine was first introduced I was a little confused on just what this new medium could do and why I needed it. It didn’t take long to understand the huge impact it would come to have in our lives. The format in itself is not new, especially when you start comparing it to animated GIFs. The magic Vine videos that people put together though is incredibly creative.

As with any new social media phenomenon there are people that strike it big (become celebrities if you will) and these are the people that somewhat form the direction of the medium in itself. One of those “strike it big” people is Zach King who’s experimented with this new medium and perfected his skills so much that he’s become somewhat of a magic Vine professional.

Not only are his videos entertaining, but they are incredibly well done. The illusions he’s treating us to are only 6 seconds long but that is long enough to capture our attention over and over again. Sometimes the less time you have to spot how it’s done the better the trick is.

It was only a matter of time before someone took Zach’s magic Vine videos and compiled them all into a super impressive 7 minutes and 39 seconds long compilation of awesomeness that will have you scratching your head over and over again. However, you have to be quick and alert because this Vine magic video features a ton of magic tricks, one after another, and if you’re not alert enough it’s likely that you’ll miss one or two. Well, not that it matters as you will have the opportunity to look through it once again, something that I certainly did myself.

Vine videos are getting more and more popular, and I keep wondering whether this popular medium will soon replace the old, yet awesome, animated GIF. Hopefully that is not the case, but I do think it would be cool to be able to at least choose between a few different lengths of videos when uploading them to Vine. Whether magic Vine videos are the most popular I have no idea, personally I think these kind of Vine videos are the most impressive. Do you have a magic Vine video you would like to share? Don’t hesitate to put a link to it in the comment section below. We’re always looking forward to checking out your awesome comments below and of course your awesome creations!

Zach King‘s Magic Vine Videos Are All About Illusions

Zach King Magic Vine

Zach King Magic Vine

Zach King Magic Vine

Zach King Magic Vine Compilation

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