Launch | “Social LOL” – Time To Share a LOL

Ever so often there is a new site that springs up out of nowhere and captivates the readers simply because the content is exclusively appealing. It’s not hard to understand why people would flock to a new site with a lot of truly original content within the highly used and expressed “LOL” topic. Twitter, and many social networking sites with them, are basically a huge “LOL Pond” at times and it’s only fair to say that much of the success earned by these Social Networking sites are due to the fast and reliable freeway they make available for everyone to share their goodies and jokes.

Founded by Interactive Artist David Hoang, Social LOL is a comedic blog that makes fun of social media. Hoang, who draws, writes and produces all the content for Social LOL, founded the site after the Twitter Conference (#140tc) in Seattle, WA. “I believe humor can make the world a better place“, the artist said. Social LOL features: comics, photoshopped images, historical tweets (a series of fictitious tweets by historical figures), videos and charts.

David Hoang

David Hoang explores the foundations of popular culture, de-contextualization, re-contextualization and convergence. Hoang’s work investigates other influential modes of story telling – comic books, film, gossip, literature, music, social media, television, and video games – as they relate to one’s understanding of identity and worldview. Like a DJ, he mixes and re-mixes his materials to create visually representative narratives on the picture plane. Through drawing and painting, Hoang perpetually explores his bi cultural upbringing and ethnocentric influences – interweaving experience, understanding, and exploration.