LinkedIn Guide: How It Works [Infographic]

It’s anything but easy to keep up with all the different social networking services available to us. It’s starting to become a thick jungle of networking options, and it’s sometimes hard to understand the differences between them. The most popular ones are of course usually the most straight forward ones, but new social networking services are launched pretty much on a daily basis, and keeping up with them is a full time job if you ever attempt to know them all. One of the most active social networking services is LinkedIn, but not everyone knows exactly how to work LinkedIn to their advantage. I thought a LinkedIn guide could be useful to help illuminate this highly recommended platform.

I must admit that some of the features made available through LinkedIn have even eluded me. I can’t say that I am very active on LinkedIn as a networker, but I share useful stuff on my LinkedIn profile each and every day. Maybe it’s a weak attempt to master all of the most popular social networking services available, or maybe I am just researching what the return is. The number of connections I have had the pleasure of making has increased dramatically over the last couple of months, and maybe that is proof that I am doing something right.

So as this LinkedIn guide might be useful for a lot of LinkedIn beginners, it comes as a useful reminder to me about how little I know about LinkedIn. Networking to increase your professional reach is one of today’s greatest ways to gain access to job openings that you would otherwise not have been exposed to. It’s far better to display your awesomeness through your profile than aimlessly send your CV to a bunch of employers looking for the best candidate for the job opening. A useful LinkedIn guide is the perfect tool to master this premium place to make a professional impact.

Infographics are usually packed with statistics, but this one has more than that. It is more of a professional LinkedIn guide with a touch of data. It’s called How LinkedIn Works and is brought to our attention by InfographicLabs. Have a peek at this LinkedIn guide and pass it forward. Make sure people know you are on LinkedIn and showcase your awesomeness through your profile page. Network and engage people, and you will see that soon you will have job offers come rolling in. You may or may not have a job already, but job offers are never a bad thing. It will help you progress within your profession and increase your value on the job market. All in all a good thing.

InfographicLabs’ LinkedIn Guide Infographic

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