Local Businesses: Simple Solution To Win In Social Media [Infographic]

I know firsthand what it’s like to get overwhelmed in social media. My first social media site was Twitter. Then, I added Facebook. Soon after that, I added Google+. Then, I was completely addicted to Pinterest for a while. That doesn’t even include the niche social sites that I have accounts on. It just goes on and on, and there is no end in sight. Eventually, we find tools to help us manage them all. This article is for local businesses who might be feeling overwhelmed in social media.

When I refer to ‘local businesses,’ I’m talking about businesses in social media whose customers or clients are mainly in their local geographical area. There are all kinds of tools designed to help everyone filter and consolidate their social media accounts, which make it easier to manage. Once you learn how to streamline and optimize the process, it gets much easier.

However, local businesses even have an additional way to optimize and maximize their social media efforts. The solution is to filter your social media information by location, and it’s described in this infographic called Drowning In Data by evzdrop. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, this will allow you to hone in on the information you need to see.

That way, if you miss some of the communications, at least you’ll see the most important ones – the ones from your actual customers and clients. According to this infographic, retail brands miss 88% of on-site consumer feedback. If local businesses simply capture all the local traffic based on location, they will be able to filter the unnecessary noise and focus on their customers. After all, that’s probably the reason you got on social media in the first place, right? It’s a brilliantly simple solution that you may not have thought of before. Good luck!

Simple Solution To Help Local Businesses In Social Media

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Via: [All Twitter] Header Image Credit: [Black Enterprise]