Lost Inside Google Wave? 5 Waves To Make Your Life Easier

If you are brand new to Google Wave (aren’t we all?) and a bit confused, then you are going to love this post. The goal here is to point you in the right direction on the wave to get updated content and help.

Please keep in mind you must be logged into your Wave account in order for the links in this post to connect you!

I have another amazing guest author to thank for this article. He is Twitter’s resident Google Wave Jedi Master and you can follow him on Twitter at @wavejedimaster. He is on the wave almost 24/7 and he communicates first hand with Google executives about the Wave.

He describes himself as a pro-waver and he graciously takes time out of his schedule to help others on the Wave or on Twitter. You can also find him on his own Wave at:

If you are one of those that just arrived to Google Wave it is quite possible that you feel a little lost about what is going on and how things work.

To help you find your way here is a list of 5 Waves you shouldn’t miss:

1. Wave HelpDesk: This is a Wave made by the community, for the community, with the objective of helping users that have questions or that need to know something that they can’t figure out for themselves. The more experienced users are there and will always try to help. Don’t forget to say “Thank you!” ;-)
Link: https://wave.google.com/wave/?pli=1#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BeVmrggfmC

2. Interesting Public Waves: Updated daily and sometimes more than daily, this is a Wave that highlights the best discussions taking place inside Google Wave. A must read.
Link: https://wave.google.com/wave/?pli=1#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BV78X5R5YD

3. Google Wave Etiquette: What are the dos and don’ts of Google Wave? What is acceptable? What is not? On this Wave you can find a comprehensive list of things that other fellow Wavers will appreciate that you do.
Link: https://wave.google.com/wave/?pli=1#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BWiwX0j4iZ

4. New and Previewed Features – What are you seeing?: In a world (the Google Wave world) where everything happens so fast, how do you keep track of what is new and what changed? This is the wave to go to! Updated by the community, on this wave you will always be on top of what is happening inside the Wave world.
Link: https://wave.google.com/wave/?pli=1#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252ByUyzOuHCW

5. Google Wave Features Wish List: If there is something that you think is missing in Google Wave, this is the Wave where you can add your wish. Wish you could change your interface? Add a background? Make that last minute undo? Go here and meet the most demanding and forward thinking Wavers.
Link: https://wave.google.com/wave/?pli=1#restored:search:in%253Aall+Features+List,restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BbOnRIcKcF

We hope you’ll find these links helpful, and my the Wave be with you!