The Best Time Of Day To Tweet (To Get The Most RTs)

Twitter retweets are really quite fascinating once you start studying them. I find them interesting because the science behind them is not always what you’d expect. As you learn more about retweets, you’ll find several twists and turns that don’t seem obvious. I’ve written about this before in an article entitled The Surprising Discovery About Twitter Retweets.

I’m grateful that I didn’t join Facebook until after I had been on Twitter every day for over a year. I didn’t have the perception in my mind about Facebook when I learned how to use Twitter, and I really think that made it easier for me. For example, if one of your friends on Facebook updated their status yesterday, you will probably see it when you log in today, right? On Twitter it’s very different.

Whether or not you see someone’s tweets depends on many different things. Of course, it depends on whether or not you are logged into Twitter (DUH!), but beyond that, there are several factors that come into play. Some of those things include the number of followers someone has, whether or not they are following a particular Twitter list, which third party app they are using, how exactly they filter their tweets, etc…

In my opinion, Twitter is easier to use than Facebook; however, in order to be the most effective, how you use Twitter and the tools that become applicable change over time as your following/follower numbers grow. Let’s get back to the timing issue. If you are a person or brand that is trying to increase your visibility, CTR, and RTs on Twitter, does it matter what time of day you tweet? After all, people are on Twitter 24/7. There are no time zones in that space. How important can that really be? What about on Facebook? What if you are trying to increase your Facebook shares? Does it matter when you post information?

It turns out, these things are very important on Twitter and Facebook. Also, what about the frequency of tweets and Facebook posts, does that matter? Yes it does. There is a science behind all of these things, and it is worth your time in my opinion to learn about it. Here at Bit Rebels, we have studied our own activity and we tweet certain things at certain times and use Facebook based on the information we have learned from our own Twitter and Facebook history. The result of our own research very closely mirrors what is in this infographic below. If you would like to check out part 2 of this infographic, which covers the best time of day for sending marketing emails, click here. Thank you to KISSmetrics and @danzarrella for putting this together for everyone to learn from. You add so much to the social media world!

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Best Time To Send Tweets

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