How People Tweet: The Most Popular Twitter Apps [Infographic]

I remember back in late 2009 and early 2010, the topic of Twitter apps was hot, and it seemed like everyone was blogging about it. Twitter was still to new to most people back then, and everyone wanted to find the most efficient apps to use while tweeting. All the cool kids were using Twitter apps then, and I was definitely trying to be one of them. Fast forward to 2012, I don’t see a lot written about Twitter apps much anymore aside from the token post here and there that compares a couple of them. It was fun to see this new infographic which does a current breakdown of the state of Twitter apps.

Did you know that the number of Twitter apps available has grown to over 300,000? I was shocked to learn that, but what shocked me even more was to learn that 78% of Twitter users are now using the website and mobile to send their tweets instead of a 3rd party app. If I remember right, back in 2010, it was around that same number of Twitter users who were using apps. What has happened in 2 short years that has made the majority of us abandon our Twitter apps?

In this infographic called How People Tweet by The Next Web, we can see a quick and easy breakdown of all these fun stats. TweetDeck is still used, but the percentage is super low. I’m also very surprised that Hootsuite isn’t on the list at all. I suppose when looking at Twitter as a whole, this does make sense after all. Think about this…

If the majority of people who have Twitter accounts send a couple tweets and then never come back, or even if they tweet a dozen tweets over the course of a year, which isn’t uncommon at all, it makes sense that they wouldn’t bother finding a Twitter app. If you look at only the Twitter accounts who follow more than 10,000 people and tweet often, I’m sure these percentages would be different. I have no doubt the majority of those people are using an app. You can’t even see what’s going on without an app at that point. Filtering tweets becomes an important part of the process. So I suppose overall, this does make sense. I wonder what this graph will look like in another 2 years.

The Most Popular Twitter Apps Right Now


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