My 3 Favorite Sites to Play Music on Twitter

Music is one big source of inspiration for me, helps me relax.  Puts me in the mood for work.  Cheers me up when I feel blue.  But since most of my time is spent online and on Twitter.  Allow me to share my 3 favorite sites I like to use when I play music.  My first is – A blip is a combination of 1) a song and 2) a short message that accompanies it. The way you create a blip is to first search for a song that you want to hear (or a song that you want your listeners to hear), then add a short message (under 150 characters), finally you submit it. Submitting a blip is also referred to as “blipping”, so from here on out, when you read “he blipped my favorite track” it means “he submitted a blip that had my favorite song attached”.  You can share the song with your friends on Twitter or even on FaceBook.  Now it has music videos that goes along with your song.  The best part too is that you can actually give props (a sign of respect) to other blippers if you like the songs they share and even engage them.  Be a Dj on your own music station.  Try it out.

musicstation1 Next on my list is Grooveshark.

Music compels all of us–individually, in our own way. It fills our moments, our cars, our movies, and our thoughts. Grooveshark started with one question: how could we be enriched by changing the way we find and listen to music?

Our goals: To improve the connection between people and music. To change the music industry in ways they seem so unwilling to consider. To have fun.

We have a team of 40 passionate employees who wake up daily to live and work for the music, but what we’re really about is simple: you. We want you to help us grow, get better, and help us help the music. It’s the one thing we can all agree on. – Grooveshark Team


imeem is the world’s leading social music service, enabling music fans to discover, interact and express themselves with music and playlists, and connect with other people based on shared tastes and interests.

People can share their discoveries with friends on imeem and across the web in a variety of ways, from sharing links on Twitter and sending playlists by email to embedding playlists on their blogs or social networking profiles. Get started by creating a playlist today.

imeem pioneered the idea of offering fans free, on-demand music and video streaming with the costs supported by advertising. We’re partnered with all four major labels and thousands of artists, independent labels and music distributors to offer their music and video for free streaming on imeem.   Millions of people visit the imeem website every month to discover music and build playlists to share across the Web.

For more interesting music sites please check out the 8 Best Music Sharing Sites on Twitter as shared to me by @ruhanirabin.  The list is my favorites.  What is yours?