New Google Search Site Enables Searches ’80s-Style

If you experienced the ’80s, you know that during that decade there were a lot of things that inspired us, and there were also things that made us positive and ultimately annoyed. The first is kind of easy to understand, but the annoyance of the ’80s could be one of the harder ones to figure out. What exactly made us annoyed and why? Well, it’s not quite as difficult to understand as you might think since the fact is that we could all predict what was to come in the future when it came to Internet speed, content and experiences. We could have predicted it in the most accurate of ways, but we didn’t have the technology to take us there yet. That is what has been developed in the years since then. Now that we are here, we can marvel over the retro ways things worked back then. It’s quite an interesting paradox if you ask me.

If you were among the lucky ones, you remember the BBS (Bulletin Board System) approach to communities, software sharing and all kinds of fun things. However, back then we had our baud modems and they made a noise that has been imprinted in our minds ever since. It so happens that there is a new site called Google BBS Terminal that will enable you to do searches on Google while the site looks and operates as if it were available back in the days when the Internet was still in its infancy.

It’s a surreal experience that will retrotouch anyone who experienced the dial-up connections in the ’80s. It’s quite well done as well, and I find myself making searches for the most ridiculous things just for the fun of it. It makes me think that the site only indexed sites that were available in the ’80s as well, and not the wide millions and millions of sites that are available today. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but it would certainly make perfect sense. Have a go and let yourself be retrofied for a second time. It’s way worth the amount of time to dial up since that is exactly what it will simulate when you first log into the site. This is just maddening cool… and a little bit annoying,

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