What Happened In 1 Minute On Social Networks In 2012 [Infographic]

Within every minute, something transpires in social media. Whether that is a new like, a new connection, a tweet, or social networks gaining unique visitors, we are spending a lot of our minutes socializing in various forms on an array of social sites. The year of 2012 showed us that we prefer to share images and our location, and that Facebook and Twitter both still remain leaders in the social media world. Statistically, there are specific sites in which we favor. For example, in 2012, within every minute LinkedIn acquired 120 new members, 3,472 images were being filtered and uploaded to Instagram, and 14,583 new friend interactions were being forming on the social discovery site Tagged.

Although we still love our social text, three sites were added to the most popular sites in 2012 as we added images to Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest, uncovering a new love for visual socialization and catapulting imagery into popularity unlike ever before. In every 60 seconds, 5,534 combined actions were being completed on these sites. Although the mentioned image sites are dedicated to photos in their own unique ways, we have included other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter when sharing images online.

An infographic created by a social media marketing company called Soci@l Jumpstart highlights the various popular social networks we interacted on in 2012. It focuses on the actions we took within every minute we used social media in 2012. We most certainly enjoy images, and also videos on YouTube. With the rise of niche sites, we even began transferring visual content by sharing it on our most favorite social networks, Facebook and Twitter. In 2012, we used our minutes wisely. On the many social networks that we have come to use regularly, our ways of sharing content may have changed, but out willingness to continue socializing has not.

What Happened In 1 Minute On Social Networks In 2012