Should You Accept Your Parent’s Facebook Friend Request? [Flowchart]

Having a Facebook account has almost become a must today if you want to feel like you are a part of the ever growing worldwide community we all call the Internet. Facebook has always been sort of a starting point for most social networking fanatics. You quickly widen your horizon to include Twitter and other social networking services. There is one question that probably all Facebook users ask themselves, and that question is whether or not you should accept your parent’s Facebook friend request.

It’s a tricky question, and one that is quite individual. What if you are having trouble deciding? Is there even a way to decide that without making the wrong decision? Well, that depends on what you mean by wrong. You always have the ability to unfriend, but that will most likely be followed by a whole lot of questions from your parents. Maybe keeping your Facebook account away from your parents is the best thing. See what I mean? It’s not the easiest thing in the world to decide whether to accept your parent’s Facebook friend request or not.

If you have been on Facebook for a while, you know that it’s sometimes hard to decide whether to accept someone’s Facebook friend request or not, especially if you don’t really know the person. Some people add everyone to their inner friend circle. That means they pretty much accept any Facebook friend request they receive. That was at least true prior to Facebook’s “subscribe” feature which launched a while ago. Nowadays you don’t even have to accept someone’s Facebook friend request in order for them to know everything about you.

We return to the question at hand, how do you really decide whether to accept your parent’s Facebook friend request or not? You of course consult this flowchart presented by Cool Material called Accept (Or Not) Your Parent’s Friend Request On Facebook. It’s a solid (and quite hilarious) flowchart that will give you the answer to this nagging question in a matter of seconds. Just follow the line, answer the question a voila, you will have your decision presented to you. It wasn’t really that hard, was it?

What To Do With Your Parent’s Facebook Friend Request

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