Privacy Risk Using Twitter?

If you didn’t know already there’s huge talk about Internet privacy going around in all kinds of different areas. Whether certain things will invade on our turf or not. But here’s the thing I don’t get (once again, lol). When I first saw the title of the clip in this article I smiled. I understand that there are several things you would want to consider before using Twitter and all of it’s third party applications. BUT, when it comes to Twitter and privacy…well isn’t it obvious?

I thought the whole idea with Twitter was to share your privacy. To share every little tiny bit of absolutely nothing of importance of what you are doing along with things you actually think people WOULD want to know. TweetGlode is an app that lets you Tweet your location and also see everyone else using TweetGlobe’s location. Using it would possibly hint you that you are giving away your location, thereto also some possibly important privacy information.

Twitter = Share Your Privacy – Don’t want to share your privacy, don’t use Twitter. Did I miss something? LOL

Huge Privacy Risk When Using Twitter

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