Remembering 2011 Via Twitter [Video]

2011 was an exceptionally eventful year when it comes to worldly news. Everything from small online successes to Steve Jobs‘ passing was on everyone’s mind. As we tried to make sense of it all, we quickly realized that doing that was just not going to happen. Facebook launched their new Timeline feature which helped us file our everyday events into an understandable stream of curiosity. I think I have touched on this before, but trying to neatly categorize all of the events that happened throughout the year is not really going to happen. It’s just too much. And if you ever knew where to start, I am sure knowing when to end is a whole other story.

Good thing we have Twitter. It already files everything in a neat little timeline (which makes me think that Facebook had a little peek and pick before they designed their own), which of course is a great way to get an overview of what happened over a certain period of time. So what did happen during 2011, and what is the timeline that could be derived from it? YouTuber jeremiahjw put together a badass video of the most noteworthy tweets of 2011.

It’s a sweep of tweets that came to signify the essence of what happened during the year. It’s a great way to get them, once again, in an understandable format which is what makes the marriage of YouTube and Twitter such a great collaboration. I am sure there are plenty more tweets out there which talk about events that we could squeeze in there. But, there is a time when you just have to say stop and look at what you already have. If someone tried to file everything, it would take pretty much forever, and you would have to be… well Mark Zuckerberg. I mean, who else would try to undertake such an endeavor?

Remembering 2011 Via Twitter Video

Via: [Failbook]