Send Special Greetings To Your Friends On FaceBook!

It is always a treat to see people greeting you via your wall on FaceBook or your stream on Twitter. I got tons of birthday greetings today, it totally blew me away, and I feel really happy knowing that people remembered my birthday. I was skyping with my very dear friend Diana and I told her about the cards I got virtually, and the card that I made for a very dear friend @r27. She said she signed the birthday card, and it would be a good idea to write an article about this cool online application called GroupCard.

This is how it works: One person opens an account on GroupCard, creates a card for a family member or a friend, and then tags the people invited to write a special message to the recipient of the card. Of course, the creator will get the chance to write the first message. After you are done tagging, click the post button, but please make sure that you click “send via inbox” and do not click on “post on wall” or it won’t be a surprise anymore. lol

You also get a link to the card that you have created. You have the option to share the link with the person you made the card for on his or her FaceBook wall. You can create a card in advance and just schedule when you want it released. This will allow the others to write on the card and send their wishes too. What is great about this card application is that it is customizable and there are so many designs available for you to choose from.

GroupCard for @r27

My GroupCard