Social Media Idiot | A Company View

Alright, the Social Media word in itself has probably been used so many times this past year that it’s starting to have the same impact as the moon has each and every day of your waking hours. It should be clear to most of the people using the Internet in the world what it is all about. If not, well…then you’re probably not using the Internet. Or at least not to connect with other people.

The ones that really don’t get it seems to be the major companies of the world. The ones that rule our lives with their many schemes and plots to grab that last dollar out of our pockets in order for them to buy bigger and more exclusive houses without having to pay for them.

Now they have gotten a “sniffysniff” (like Gary Vainerchuk would have said it) of Social Media and are now digging up new schemes to make money off of everyone that is using it through its real purpose. To connect and spread joy.

I found an interesting little short clip of how companies are viewing this new and ultimately growing phenomenon and wants to make money off of it. And I guess this is how you view Social Media if you don’t have a CLUE what it is all about. Someone should really educate these companies on why these things are thought up and built in the first place. It sure as heck isn’t for them to take control over and squeeze every single dime can out of it. Am I right?