Social Media Marketing – What To Keep In Mind?

Social media is a great way of making your business visible in less time and with structured effort. However, it has its own share of “all the things that can go wrong in no time”.

It is safe to say that social media marketing is among the booming marketing trends currently, and it is here to stay. If you’re just starting with your business, it is important to know the social media regulations and repercussions for breaching the terms and conditions.

So, what are the things you’ll need to keep an eye on to ensure you are compliant? Find out everything in this article.

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Do Not Make Misleading Or False Claims

Although you’d like to create your product as appealing as you can, you have to be honest to avoid legal implications. When you are posting on social networks, be sure to verify the claims you make.

In the event of an investigation, ACCC will look for false assertions. For instance, you claim that you own the oldest taco shop within South Australia, but several taco stands predate yours. This is a false claim and should be avoided.

Managing Comments

If it’s your social media ad or post, you are responsible for what happens in the comments section. If your brand’s fan is promoting your product in a twisted way, you have to correct or eliminate that post or comment.

Other Important Things To Watch Out For

A group known as The Australian Association of National Advertisers has developed a code that outlines advertising ethics. This code of ethics aims to assist marketers in self-regulating their online activities.

The code is specific, but generally, it regulates advertising that affects business rivals and consumers. If you’re a company operating in Australia seeking to promote your business via social media and other platforms, you should be aware of this code.

Section 1: Competition Complaints

This section of the code sets out guidelines on how businesses competing must handle their advertisements. Also, it provides an inexpensive dispute resolution system.

In other words, if a customer is unhappy with the advertising of your business, it will take the matter to the AANA instead of court.

Section 2: Consumer Complaints

Section 2 applies when a company has put up advertisements to promote an item that hurts customers’ sentiments.

It regulates the level of nudity, violence, and explicit language in your ads. It also regulates how you portray certain individuals in your ads.

Intellectual Property And Social Media

When a company posts content to social media, it basically invents something new. This implies that the content needs to be protected by the Intellectual Property law.

If someone uses your brand video, images, or other content, you can take legal action against the person who posted it. Note that this law area isn’t fully established, so the definition of copyright on social media may be confusing.

But an excellent starting point is to read your terms and conditions on the site you post on. All websites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc., have the terms and conditions to safeguard users who repost content from copyright violations.

You can also declare a non disclosure agreement on your website regarding your business’ terms and conditions.


If you promote your business through social media, you have access to information regarding your customers and those engaged with your posts recently. Such information is usually in bulk, plus it is sensitive.

Privacy on social media has been an issue of great concern in recent times. There’s been much attention paid to how businesses use and protect the data they collect via social media. This is why you need to be extra careful regarding the information you gather.

Final Word

Many variables are involved in social media marketing in the present time. One wrong post or comment, and your business can land in legal trouble in no time. So, make sure you keep the tips mentioned above in mind and make full use of social media.

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