Social Networking Wars | Have you joined The Battle?

There is a war going on. A war that everyone using social media is a part of yet still don’t know they are participating in. We are all the soldiers and being puppeteered by the lords of social media networking. We have no chance of getting out of it unless we stop using any kind of social media networking service. You decide what side you are on by just being a user and let me tell you, it’s a fierce war. The kind that costs millions and millions for the warlords.

Now you are wondering “What is this war he is talking about?” Well, behind the scenes there is a war going on between the founders of giants like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster etc. that has been going on since day one. It’s all about us. The users.

The major social media networks are constantly comparing statistics and compeeting about the users. They willingly spend millions and millions on developing their services to launch the next “Cool” in social media. The weird thing about it is we have no saying in it. Facebooks redesign had no ground and users were truly upset about it when it first launched. Myspace does little to prevent spammers from hijacking your inbox and comments yet they spend millions on redesigning their dashboard. Twitter on the other hand seems to find their way by listening to the users and I think this, in time, will be their ultimate success (if we don’t count the inferior retweet feature doomed for failure).

So what team do you support? What made you sign up for service and do you think you’ll stick with it to the end? Are you a spy using several services at once making you nothing less than an undercover agent reporter? What service do you think will prevail and why? If you don’t know it, it’s entirely up to YOU!

Well, the war continues even if you don’t want to participate. Why fight it…just let us show them how we really want it.