Social vs. Search Marketing: How They Compare [Infographic]

Marketing your product or service is of course a key part of the process for getting your idea out there in front of the masses. Without marketing, there is little chance that you will ever get your “game changer” off the ground and become a successful venture. I say this even though some people would say there is always word of mouth. It’s a free and very effective way of getting the word out about something. However, no matter how you look at it, it’s still marketing in my eyes. In order for your idea to take off, you usually have to initiate spreading the word by doing something that will make one or two people notice what you are doing. Therefore, word of mouth definitely falls into the category of what is considered marketing.

What marketing approach is the best and which one should you concentrate on? Well, there are two main marketing pipelines on the Internet, and those are search and social media. Which one you choose really comes down to what kind of product or service you want to promote, and what tools you have along with who is using them. Having the tools but not the expert using them could lead to the same failure as you would have seen in the results of if you didn’t do any marketing at all.

By having a look at the infographic that MDG Advertising recently presented, you might get a better understanding about which approach is best suited for your needs. As the infographic states in the end, the use of both pipelines is of course going to make the whole campaign a whole lot more visible, and you will then have the opportunity to cover both grounds, which is preferred. However, the work and the planning might take a bit of extra energy and resources that some people might not have at their disposal. So, evaluate your service or product and then utilize this infographic to see what approach is most likely going to give you the best result.

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