The 4 Stages Of Understanding Twitter [Infographic]

I remember when I started using Twitter for the first time.  It was after I had checked out a speech by Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube, and I wanted to know what the hell he was talking about.  Sure enough, there I was, face-to-face with a beginning giant in the social networking world.  I hooked up my own account and started following people I didn’t know, but I liked their status updates.  Soon I started talking to a guy who has since been like a mentor to me.  Sure, we’re soon going to have the same number of followers, but his approach to Twitter has always made me feel humbled and appreciative of his advice.  Of course, I am talking about our very own TwitterMaster, Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios).  His efforts surely haven’t been missed by many.  If you have missed him, then shame on you!

At first, I was questioning the usefulness of this new social networking site called Twitter.  However, it didn’t take long until I got the basics under control and started to get a bunch of really cool friends.  In the beginning, they were mainly designers and developers who I was interested in finding inspiration and collaboration from, but it quickly dawned on me that there was a larger community on Twitter, and narrowing it down to just one industry would be limiting my options.

I have always felt like the learning curve for Twitter has been quite easy and simple.  But, I am sure that was just because I started out when the site was still in its infancy.  Nowadays, it’s a little bigger and badder.  There are lots of things that have changed since back then.  It’s quite funny when you realize the learning curve now has several stages that people go through before they completely immerse themselves in Twitter.  So tell me, did you follow these steps when you first started out?

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4 Stages Before Getting Twitter

Image Credit: [Roobee]