The Current State Of Social Networking [Infographic]

To be updated on the current state of all the social networking services is not always easy. You have to pull considerable amounts of data, compile it and then create a simple and understandable enough way to showcase it. This will take you a long time if you want to pinpoint your best bet for where your future customers, connections or friends may be hiding. Just keeping track of one of the services available is a full time job, and the more you get immersed in it, the less you know about all the other services.

So what can you do to truly know all there is to know about the most important facts of all of these services without spending a whole lifetime trying to collect data? Either you don’t, or you let one of the social networking tracking companies take the wheel and do their thing. After all, that’s what they are there for, and with their algorithms and developed code, they are continuously collecting this type of data for you. All you really have to do is to locate a good one and see what they have to offer. If they can’t deliver what you want, then you will just have to switch to a different one to see if they can deliver what you’re looking for. Even though most of these tracking services might not track every single social networking service, you can still find one that tracks the services you use. It’s highly unlikely that you are using them all, so just do a little research and you will probably find which one will suit you best.

Ignite is a company that sifts through the noise and delivers important data, and that’s exactly what they have done in this infographic. It illustrates the current state of social networking services and combined and delivered it in a really intriguing way. Not only will you be able to see exactly what social networking services have the people with the highest average income, but you will also be able to collect valuable, never before seen demographics from all around the social networking landscape. I must say, this infographic is one of the most informative I have seen so far when it comes to social media. I’m saying this, of course, from a limited data perspective where data is provided from categories I haven’t yet looked into before. So if you’re after a little younger audience, or possibly older, or if you want to connect with the most educated people, or possibly just be on the most successful social networking service, then it is all here and more.

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Social Networking Current State Infographic