The Facebook Bed: If You Struggle Trading Networking For Sleep

Are you one of those people who has trouble putting down Facebook in the evenings? Are you constantly trying to get just one more message in there to wish one more person a great tomorrow? You are definitely not alone. Facebook, just like Twitter, has a way of becoming quite addicting once you start to get into it. After all, there is a reason why they call it social networking, and that is exactly the reason why it is so addicting. You get to know new people on a daily basis, and you want to reach out to friends and loved ones in an ever more rapid pace. No wonder people can’t seem to put down Facebook even though they probably should when the time is closing in on the AM.

As with all addictions, there is a solution. It’s one that might not seem clear to you now, but it will make perfect sense once you try it out. Does everything I have been babbling about sound confusing to you? No worries, I am talking about the only way you will ever be able to sleep and still use Facebook. What is going to revolutionize your addiction is of course the Facebook Bed. Yes, there is one, and it is quite awesome. It’s designed and created by Tomislav Zvonaric of devianTom, in miniature form though.

If you idolize or worship the Facebook logo, you are going to love this concept even more. Why? Well, because the bed itself is made to look like the “f” that makes up the Facebook logo, and there are all kinds of features incorporated in it. They are features that will make your social networking a whole lot more fun. I have to admit though that marrying Facebook with a bed is quite creepy to say the least. Maybe we should all just learn how to close down Facebook earlier in the first place. How hard can it be, right? Eeeek…

The Facebook Addiction Bed Concept

The Facebook Addiction Bed Concept

Via: [Neatorama]