The Most Popular Tweets on the Web

If you have been on Twitter for quiet some time now you must already know what RT or Re Tweeted means.  Simply put ‘ReTweeting’ is a simple way of re-stating information that has been shared (tweeted) by another user on twitter. It is a way of giving credit to the original source of the information while, at the same time, delivering that information to one’s own followers. The more a piece of information is shared (ReTweeted) the more popular it becomes. dailyRT is able to aggregate this information’s popularity and thus create a list of the most popular ‘tweets’ at any particular time.

DailyRT is a tweet aggregator that gathers the most popular tweets on twitter and displays them using our own scoring algorithm and numerous filters.

Some great uses that we’ve found so far are: discovering tomorrow’s newspaper headlines today, tracking stories as they happen, exploring trends from specific dates in history, and finding out what the cool kids are talking about.
hot tweets
Hot tweets displays tweets in order based on their dailyRT rank and can be filtered by all items in the search box. This is great for doing quick searches for topics of interest.
live tweets
Live tweets displays tweets in real time as they gain popularity and are also filterable by all items in the search box. Most useful during events, you can filter popular live tweets based on hash tags and keywords to find topics people are talking about.
The trends drop down consists of the topics currently being talked about on twitter, according to twitter.
my searches
This feature has a lot of potential (meaning a lot more work to do) but currently you’re able to do a search and save it for later. Most useful if you are constantly on the watch for a certain topic, or you want to have a good filter setup for an event in advance. Then when the event begins you can simply trigger it for live tweets.
dailyRT gives you the ability to search tweets based on keyword(s). While thats pretty cool, its only the beginning. Whether or not you want to search a keyword, you are able to filter your searches based on customizable criteria. You have the ability to search for tweets containing links, videos, and/or images. You can view tweets from people with a certain maximum and/or minimum number of followers. You can specify a timespan you would like to see tweets from. Once you are logged in, you have the option of only seeing tweets from the people you are following as well as being able to save your searches.
Who can use dailyRT?
Anyone. You don’t have to have a twitter account. You don’t even have to know what a tweet is. dailyRT is designed for anyone that has any interest in anything anywhere anytime.