The Noob Guide To Online Marketing [Infographic]

Marketing your product, service or website is a tougher task than most people realize.  Here on Bit Rebels, we are constantly monitoring the statistics minute by minute, and we’re feverishly optimizing everything we do to make sure we can get more work done in a day’s time.  To best describe it is to say that it’s a nonstop job that never ends.  There are always things that can be optimized, and since the landscape of the Internet is continuously changing, you can be sure that what worked well yesterday will not work today.  That’s how fast everything is moving nowadays.  You can sum it up with a quote from the movie Antitrust with Tim Robbins and Ryan Phillippe, “Either you’re a 1 or a 0, alive or dead!

Unbounce decided to put together a noob guide to online marketing which teaches you how to market your product, service or website over a period of 6 months.  It’s based on an article by Oli Gardner over at, and it should shed some light on how to go about things.

One really important fact to always consider is that there are no shortcuts.  Do the work, and you will find yourself continuously progressing towards your goal.  If you start relaxing, getting lazy or start coming up with bad excuses to get the job finished, you should reconsider and get back on track.  The work done is equal to the success earned.  It’s just how the world works, and the sooner you adjust to that simple fact, the better you will be at marketing your idea.  Keep the dream alive!

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Noob Guide To Online Marketing