The Toilet Paper Emergency – The Best Use Of Twitter Yet

A lot of people say that tweets are useless and don’t ever really help people right when they need it. Well, after hearing about this story, I will never think that again. I can barely type for laughing so hard.

Last week, Twitter user @naika_tei, who lives in Tokyo, was in an electronics store, on the 3rd floor, in the bathroom. After he… well… for lack of a better word went “poo,” he realized there was no toilet paper in the bathroom.

He immediately sent a tweet that said, “I urgently need toilet paper in the 3rd floor bathroom of Akiba Yodobashi.” Unfortunately, after he sent that tweet there was no response.

About five minutes later, he sent another tweet. This time, it got RT’ed by many of his followers who also tweeted, “Someone get this man some toilet paper!” Eighteen minutes after that, he sent yet another tweet to confirm that the toilet paper had safely arrived and he was ok after all. Thank goodness his followers came to his rescue.

Gee… I think this is the most ingenious use of Twitter I have ever seen. Ohhh… my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Good one @naika_tei.

[via bitsandpieces]