The Value Of Being LinkedIn [Infographic]

Are you on LinkedIn? I realize that some people want to bonk me on the head just for asking that question. Since you are already logging into Twitter, Facebook and now Empire Avenue everyday, the last thing you need is an argument for being on yet another social networking site, right? I hear ya on that, and I know exactly where you are coming from.

However, I didn’t know until I read this infographic below how popular LinkedIn is. Did you know there are now over 100 million people on the site? It was interesting for me to see that a little less than half of those people live in the United States. In case you are unaware of the site, the thing that really sets LinkedIn apart from the other social networking sites is that it caters specifically to business professionals.

Apparently some people take their LinkedIn very seriously. After all, in 2010, executives from every Fortune 500 Company could be found on the site. LinkedIn attracts high-income earners, and if it were a country, it would be the 12th largest country in the world. New stats show that the site is gaining a million users every 12 days, which is remarkable!

I suppose having a strong LinkedIn profile is important, don’t you think? My friend @ShellyKramer touched on this in an insightful article called Venturing Out Into Social Media? Start Here. This well put together infographic below by Online MBA really puts things in perspective when it comes to LinkedIn. What do you think about the site? Is it as powerful as everyone claims?

LinkedIn Social Networking Professionals