The World Is Officially Obsessed With Facebook [Video]

There seems to be no end to the obsession of Facebook, and the many ways it keeps us glued to the screen are increasing. I don’t find it odd that we’re so into it, just that we don’t adopt other services as fast (except Twitter that is). But then again, the people behind Facebook seem to have a deeper understanding of what we want and need in our lives, which keeps us coming back every hour just to check out what people are doing, where they are, and what games and developments have been released since we last logged in. But can we really put our finger on what it is that makes Facebook so much better than all the other social networking services?

Well, the factors are too many to mention, and to compile them into one single answer would end up just being… incomplete. Facebook is simply where everyone is and where everything happens. That statement is of course not entirely truthful, but it doesn’t lie either. Alex Trimpe put together an infographic video which, in corporation with Online Schools, he put on YouTube. It’s quite an interesting 1 minute and 46 seconds of pure statistics that will have you somewhat understand why Facebook has become such a huge force in our lives.

What happens on Facebook in just 20 minutes is going to take your breath away. The statistics are insane, and you keep wondering how the heck they can supply the computing power to serve all of those server requests. Maybe it’s just me thinking about that stuff, but it’s a mind boggling experience to see these stats fly by. Just the fact that 750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook during New Year’s weekend alone is subject to some serious thought. Check out this awesome infographic video for yourself, and try to take in the massive impact it has on our planet.

World Is Obsessed With Facebook