Things To Consider Before Hiring A Social Media Expert Witness

If you are reading this because the topic piqued your interest and even though you have no idea about social media expert witness, no problem. This article is written for everyone.

Social media expert witness is a professional whose service is usually employed for court testimony. Expert witnesses help dispel opposing counsel’s claims and buttress the client’s argument.

For example, a company sued for digital defamation may help employ the service of an expert witness. The expert’s testimony can help mitigate the fine with facts elucidating the damage claimed by the plaintiff is not as damning as portrayed.

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Expert witnesses’ proficiency is not limited to court testimony; they can also serve as a consultant for companies with digital assets.

The recommendation given by expert witnesses can help a company avert future legal suites. They can also offer in-depth analysis of user data while advising on the best way to use them without violating any law.

Some of the lawsuits that usually require the service of a social media expert witness to build a stronger case include the following;

  • Cyber fraud
  • Webpage design
  • Trademark infringement
  • Internet defamation (libel and slander)
  • False advertising

Businesses that may need the service of an expert witness include;

  • eCommerce
  • SEO consulting firm
  • Digital marketing
  • Data mining
  • Social networking

Things To Consider When Hiring A Social Media Expert Witness

Whenever there is a need for your business to hire a social media witness, it is crucial to check around for the best you can get. Make a shortlist and then consider the highlighted factors below to select the best fit.


Expert witnesses usually have many years of experience in fields related to social media, such as programming, Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, and data analysis, among others.

Most expert witnesses have about 20 years of accumulated experience in their fields. Also, give preference to social media experts with the most related background to your case or business.


This is very important. You do not want to employ the service of someone who was sacked from a previous job over incompetence. Such an expert witness will do no favor to your case except to tank it.


Hire a likeable expert witness. You need someone the jury and the judge would like, not someone who will piss them off.

The expert should also be the one who is interested in your case. Avoid experts who only take up the job because of the money. Only if they are passionate about the job can they optimally deliver.


A proficient expert witness should be able to explain complex matters in ways that are easy to understand. One of the ways to assess the expert is by asking them how they would explain social media to those who still don’t get it.

Members of the jury, for instance, may not be vast in the social media subject matter and, therefore, would need things explained to them in simple terms.


Determine your budget for the expert witness and go for the best your money can afford. Discuss and finalize all charges from the start before working with the expert.

Request a total breakdown of the charges and double-check with the expert if that would be all the charges throughout the consultation. Some experts offer payment plans which you can also ask them about so you can choose what works best for you.

Expert Witness Mistakes To Check Before Hiring

Expert witness’s court testimony is only valid as much as their reputation and integrity. Opposing counsel will undoubtedly devise plans to puncture the expert’s claims, and one of the surest ways to do this is by tackling the witness’s credibility.

To avoid being caught unaware, do everything to ensure the expert you are hiring is a clean slate.

Social Media

Request for the expert’s social media handles. Check for any posts that contravene your case.

If hiring for advice on a project, ensure the expert’s view based on online posts supports such a project. This, however, does not indicate you should hire a biased expert. Instead, employ someone with a consistent view on the topic.

Previous Work

Feel free to request details of past cases or projects handled by the expert in the past. If a lawyer in a previous case discredited the expert you are considering, there is a chance your opposing counsel is aware of it and would use it as a premise to discredit the expert’s new testimony.

The same applies for hiring an expert witness for a project. Request for the proof of how their consultation helped a previous client to launch a better product or improve their current ones.

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