This Is Who Takes Up The Most Space On Twitter

For some of us, using Twitter is an everyday experience that needs to be maintained. Twitter is a social networking site, and it’s one if the most fast-paced ones as well. You need to literally be focused all the time while on Twitter in order not to miss someones “at” tweet directed at you. For some, it has become an addiction and for others… Well, they just don’t care about Twitter enough to really get into the whole mindset. There are many layers to Twitter, and we have seen countless infographics and explanations about this whole thing over and over again. However, since Twitter has become such a sensation, there are of course some negative aspects of it as well.

The one that is really pissing a lot of people off is the infamous fail whale. It’s the one thing we hate to see when we are inspired to get going and do good on Twitter. When that happens, everyone’s thoughts run towards thinking Twitter is not up on their game when it comes to handling traffic. Twitter recently (like literally a couple of days ago) broke a new record for the most tweets sent per second, and it was all because of the announcement that Beyoncé was expecting a baby with Jay-Z.

However, those are short bursts of traffic, and they don’t really need to be handled long term. There are a few “trends” that Twitter has dedicated a lot of time to solving. As a matter of fact, they have spent thousands of dollars to handle it so it won’t disrupt everyone else’s Twitter experience. Can you guess who those people are? I am sure everyone is going to scream the same thing now, and it comes as no surprise really. It’s quite cool how Twitter has a whole server park and and a number of those servers are dedicated to just a few individuals. have a look for yourself, and you will know why that fail whale sometimes hits the main focus of your screen. (In Pic: Biz installing a new server for the Wills & Kate royal wedding)

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