Top 30 Twitter Users: It’s All About Hollywood [Infographic]

I think there are millions of Twitter users out there that would probably do just about anything to get an account with as many followers as Lady Gaga. Her astounding progress around the world, seemingly no matter what she does, is quite impressive to say the least. Twitter is a social network where you are supposed to connect, engage and share. This is the easiest way I know to explain it in one sentence.

There are, of course, many facets to Twitter and we are constantly trying to go deeper into them here at Bit Rebels. But the fact that Twitter is so very versatile, and that the service can be used for so many different reasons, is making a clear user map of it extremely difficult to create. However, people keep trying and so are we. Even though our articles are merely to guide users through their difficulties in understanding the format and the silent guidelines, they are also there to objectively give you a road map to follow that might encourage you to get started far sooner than if you were to find it all out yourself by trial and error.

iCrossing decided to map out the top 30 Twitter users based on the amount of followers they had, which of course was not that difficult, but they wanted the chart to be more of a celebrity map preview. The infographic maps out the 30 most epic users on Twitter and simply categorizes them by number of followers and why they are famous, in a way. As an example, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are of course Music Celebrities while NYT is more of a News/Political sphere.

There is nothing really eye catching on this infographic, but it’s quite interesting that the chart pretty much is dominated by Hollywood and the products thereof. Only two of the celebrities in the top 30 users on Twitter is actually in Sports. There are even more News/Political “celebrities” on the list (3) than there are sports icons. Personally, I think it’s quite worrying that people spend so much time exploring the lives of people they have never met instead of the things that can and will effect their own lives through the news. But then again, the human race is a curious one, and I imagine that this will probably never change.

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Twitterverse Top 30 Twitter User