Tweet Topic Explorer: Exciting New Way To Find Follows

The way that Twitter works makes it quite easy to follow people once you have found them. The short bursts of updates give us a glimpse into the world of others without having to spend hours reading through blog posts and updates. However, where Twitter is so great, it also falls short, and the annoyance of trying to find people with the same interests is more than a hassle. Usually we have to get referred to a new person to follow, or find them through some other source which is off Twitter’s service.

There are also the third party online services that are using the Twitter API to scan and parse for the keywords and topics that you find most appealing. But again, finding the right people to follow will be increasingly harder since Twitter is trying to keep more and more things in-house, and as a result, shutting out certain developing projects by limiting he kind of information Twitter allows in the API, and how it is used.

However, there are still a few new services out there that are really changing up the game quite a bit. The Tweet Topic Explorer by Jeff Clark at Neoformix is one of those services that really caught my attention not too long ago. It’s a simple solution to a very large problem. It analyzes and picks your follows based on the actual content someone is tweeting, and not based on what they write in their bio like so many other services do.

The simple and straight forward way of using this service makes the process a highly appealing way to find new people to follow. I took the liberty to try it out by analyzing my own (@minervity) Twitter stream. It pretty much pinpointed exactly what my account (and what I stand for myself) tweets about, and the scale of each topic. The size of the area the circles represent indicate to what extent I am tweeting about those specific topics. The larger the circle, the more I tweet about it. So as you might understand, the process of finding new people to follow has suddenly become a heck of a lot easier. The information you can expect from these new follows are more than accurately presented.

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Tweet Topic Explorer Follow Service