Tweets & Status Updates For All Occasions – Guidance Book

I think we have all had days when we’ve found ourselves facing the status update field not knowing what to type. It’s a little bit annoying beginning your day like that since you know it’s going to be one of those days when creativity just isn’t on your side. It’s especially hard when it comes to Twitter. Why? Well, because you only have 140 characters and you want to cram as much positivity into those characters as humanly possible. Some people use the ole abbreviations to make sure they make the most out of their updates, and maybe that’s as good of an approach as any. However, even with that alternative at your disposal, on this particular day, you just don’t know what to type.

So what could be more handy than a little guidance? There is a new book available for people who are looking for some new alternatives to their otherwise ordinary status updates. It’s called Tweets & Status Updates For All Occasions, and it might spice up your stream a little. If you’re dry on good things to write, I am sure this will help you form a new path on the ever engaging social networking scene.

The book will set you back a minimal $8.95, and the updates and tweets range from “Interpersonal Posts” to “Cultural Comments” and literally contain hundreds and hundreds of tweets and updates. What I have found though is that if you are unable to come up with something witty, clever or if you just don’t have anything interesting to share, a simple “Good morning!” or a “How’s everyone doing?” is probably going to unleash some rather interesting topics from your followers or friends which will send you off on your daily journey. It’s worth a thought I think.

Tweets and Status Updates Book

Tweets and Status Updates Book