TweetYouThere | The Brand Buzz Tracker

Knowing what’s cool and what’s most talked about can sometimes be a time costly procedure. On Twitter we have the “Trending” feature which shows the most talked about topic on Twitter. Usually, including Bit Rebels, there is a buzz tracking script always updating the “Trending” topic of the website but how do you know what people talk about during an event for example? It’s rather easy. People that go to large events today usually tweets about it. Even though it doesn’t make the top 10 talked about topics on Twitter there should still be a way to find out what the buzz is.

With this in mind TweetYouThere was born and it seriously and truly helps to bring you the latest buzz at the given event. How it works is a simple however complex technology. What TweetYouThere does is to gather all the information talked about at for example CES and bundle it into a timeline where you can easily see what brand is talked about the most during the day. A comprehensive and easy to follow interface makes it possible to really check out why a brand is talked about.

What TweetYouThere also does is to show you the exact amount of tweets and the content of those tweets (if clicked) for you to really know what’s going on. It’s one of the most powerful Twitter Online applications I have seen to date and they have a bunch of interesting and exciting upgrades and updates they are going to incorporate in the future.

For example, TweetYouThere will be able to simultaniously track multiple events at the same time making the platform a holy grale for information searches and also to stay on top of what’s hot in the world.