| Launching In Celebration Of Twitters 4th Birthday

Today Ontario, Canada’s  SocialBirthdays released which  allows Twitter users to track the birthdays of their Twitter friends.

Sharon Hayes, founder of SocialBirthdays, said, “Friends celebrate the  birthdays of friends. With social networking usage being so diverse and the number of people we consider to be friends growing, it’s  become a challenge to try and keep track of the birthdays of our  friends. We hope that SocialBirthdays will help make it easier for  everyone. is the first service offered by SocialBirthdays and is focused on Twitter users. Other social networks will be integrated into the service over time to minimize duplication of information.

Users can register now with their Twitter username, email address and birthday to participate in the pilot phase of TwitBirthdays.

During the pilot, the following features will be rolled out:

  • Ability to see when their Twitter friends have a birthday based on selective criteria
  • Ability to see other Twitter users who share the same birthday and to follow those not already followed
  • Daily horoscopes
  • Ability to send electronic greetings and gift certificates to friends

Once the service has been fully rolled out, more advanced options will  be available such as mobile access, charitable giving and more.

Special caution is being taken to protect the privacy of individuals.

For example, only the month and date of birthdays will be captured and users will be able to restrict who can see their birthday information.

TwitBirthdays is also offering a “reservation” system for users who want to be featured. Only one person can be featured for each date of the year. Anyone sharing that same birthday will always see that featured user’s birthday first in their shared birthday list. This extra service is available for a nominal fee.