Twitter Actually Increases Your Overall Grades [Infographic]

There is a common perception in the world that Twitter, Facebook and every other social networking site is bad for us. The main argument is that when we first try it out, we will probably get sucked in, and a lot of our more important tasks during our day suffer from it. The addiction level of social networking has been widely discussed, but there has been little proof that it either increases productivity or decreases our ability to learn and get things done. However, there are people who are looking into this to settle the score once and for all. It isn’t very easy to come to a solid enough conclusion, but Master Degree Online certainly did their part in trying to untie the mystery of social media.

We spend hours and hours each day communicating with each other through different social media services, and we never seem to get enough. It’s the modern news outlet as it is described by the millions of people who are using it daily. There is no mistaking that social media is here to stay, but what will the impact be and what can we expect to see as far as changes in society when more and more people get drawn in to use it on a daily basis or sometimes even a continuous basis throughout the day?

By the looks of it, and if the research done by Master Degree Online is accurate, there are only benefits to be reaped by it. I know, I had a hard time registering that too when I first read it, but I can assure you that the light bulb on top of your head will get turned on once you see why. The infographic below clearly states that Twitter, for example, is only increasing the communication between students who otherwise would have only interacted about their homework at school. Now, those students continue the conversation online, which in turn increases their awareness and their grades. I couldn’t be more happy about this research, if it is true, because I have always looked at social networking as a form of information highway where you get to connect with other knowledgeable people. Social networking enables online degree programs to flourish as well, creating a forum for student interaction that wouldn’t otherwise be available in an online classroom. Social networking, to me, is the backbone of future teaching if you will.

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Twitter Increases Students Overall Grades