Twitter Birthday Stats: A Belated 5th Birthday Infographic

On July 15th, Twitter celebrated its 5th birthday, and of course, there were many people out there who made a point to make sure people knew Twitter is not growing in size as fast as it used to be. The fact is that even though Twitter may not be growing as fast, it is still growing heavily. A social networking service can only grow so much before it starts slowing down a little. It’s that initial hype and growth that people constantly think will last forever. The reality is that that cannot be the case. Twitter is growing, and anyone who believes Twitter will suddenly go belly up isn’t really being realistic. However, Twitter magically catching up to the enormous user base that Facebook has within a couple of years would be unheard of as well, at least that’s my own personal opinion.

ViralMS put together a belated Twitter birthday infographic that outlines Twitter’s growth and some basic statistics. It seems we can’t get enough of everything that happens to Twitter, and we constantly try to predict what the next step will be. Twitter has been releasing a few new features every so often, and it seems they have a better coder base than Facebook does since Twitter seems to hold up quite well without any major errors like Facebook. Facebook’s features crunk out every so often, and the only explanation is that there must be some maintenance work or some new code being added to the service.

By looking through this infographic, you will find that the top most dense moments on Twitter include some pretty major events in the world. The highest one was the Women’s World Cup Final with 7,196 tweets per second. That’s an insane amount of tweets going out per second, and trying to fathom the server power that would take is just beyond impossible. It’s a bit odd that it was the Women’s World Cup Final that brought in the highest one I think since I would have expected the Tsunami in Japan to have a more dense Twitter rate; however, these figures are said to be correct so I guess we’ll have to believe them. Were you a part of the group that furiously tweeted about the finals?

Happy Fifth Birthday Twitter Infographic