Twitter DISC Personality Types & Examples

For many years I’ve taught the DISC personality assessment to direct sales companies. The interesting thing is that I’ve noticed these personalities are also evident on Twitter, suggesting that whatever personality type we are is evident in more than just our speech.

On Twitter it’s a bit tricky because since there is no body language or eye contact, it is easy sometimes to misinterpret someone’s tweet. However, if you learn which one of these personality types that person is, then suddenly the smoke screen will be lifted and you’ll understand much better where they are coming from.

The DISC personality profile is broken down into 4 quadrants: D, I, S, and C. Most of us have a little bit of each of them in us, but we usually describe someone as the two in which they are the most. For example, if someone is described as a DI then they have the highest percentage of D, and then the next highest percentage of I.

For those that are familiar with DISC, you know that this is an oversimplified explanation, but it works nonetheless. First I’m going to explain each personality type, then I will elaborate with examples of people on Twitter.

D = Dominant
D’s are “take control” kind of people.
D’s are results-oriented and quick decision makers.
They are good at organizing groups of people to get the task done, they are very direct and straightforward, they don’t typically sugar coat things.
They don’t like fluff – they just get to the point and are brief.
D’s are notoriously known for being very impatient.
D’s walk fast, they talk fast. They are the movers and the shakers.
D’s make fantastic entrepreneurs because they do not take rejection personally.
They typically have a very thick skin.
Twitter examples: @Jason_Pollock, @zaibatsu, @iamkhayyam, @ShellyKramer

I = Influencing
I’s have such a great demeanor and are known for always looking on the bright side of things.
I’s seem to know everyone.
An I personality was probably voted the “most popular” at your high school.
I’s talk a lot. They are friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing.
I’s interrupt a lot.
I’s dislike rejection more than any other personality type.
I’s are notoriously emotional.
I’s are people-oriented, they are motivational and enthusiastic.
As an entrepreneur, I’s are able to see the reward before the evidence is clear, which is critical in business.
Many times I’s use “LOLs” and smiley faces in their tweets.
Twitter examples: @BuzzEdition, @paulbritphoto @RosevilleRockLn

S = Steadiness
S’s are family-oriented and very loyal.
S’s are the ones that take time to decorate their house, because they spend a lot of hours there.
S’s are very security conscious.
S’s are well organized.
S’s are prepared and tolerant. They typically don’t like change.
S’s make wonderful friends for life and are always there to help a friend in need.
S’s typically tweet photos of their beautiful children.
Twitter examples: @arthurjohnson @vitality4all6, @musicluv_, @giselle2323

C = Compliance
C’s are good at details and usually have a complete understanding of the mechanics of their craft.
People that are super high C personalities balance their checkbook to the penny.
C’s like structure and know policies and systems.
C’s tend to be conservative.
C’s tend to be perfectionists.
You can learn more from following a “C” on Twitter than in a year at University.
Twitter examples: @cheth, @cyberdad, @DarrellHudson, @virtuosoblogger, @featureBlend

Then there are those people that seem to have an equal balance of these personality types, which is uncommon. Twitter examples: @Kim, @Minervity, @bkmacdaddy, @Alyssa_Milano

Generally speaking:
D – Results Oriented
I – People Oriented
S – Family Oriented
C – Detail Oriented

In a Corporate setting:
D – Comes up with the idea
I – Sells it
S – Does the work
C – Checks it for accuracy

I hope this information helps you, like it has helped me, to understand the different personalities that come across our path!

So, the burning question is, what kind of personality type are you? I’m an “I” for sure but I’m working on developing the “D” part of my personality.