Twitter & Facebook In The ’80s Showcased [Video]

There is no avoiding all the geekery that is being put out on the Internet. It’s a way to make things even more interesting, and the way people do it is to ride on the success of other products or services. It’s a trick that has long been a successful one, and I don’t think it will ever go out of style. We see it on a daily basis, the spoofs, creativeness and viral content that is based upon things that we all have found to be a necessary essence in our own lives. Some of these targets are of course Star Wars, Star Trek and all the superhero movies and franchises out there. But there is of course a social media side to all of this, and that is always going to bring us the weird and the cool.

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about how Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a whole lot of other social networking and sharing services would look if they were available in the ’80s. That didn’t really give us a sense of how they would perform in real-time, right? So in order to rectify that, I have found a couple of really funny and interesting, not to mention retrofyring, videos created by YouTuber SquirrelMonkeyCom. They showcase just how these two giants (Twitter and Facebook) would look if they were invented in the 1980s.

It’s a heartwarming glimpse back into the past that will have you reminiscence of the awful sounds and designs that were the edge of technology back then, yet they annoyed the heck out of you. I can honestly say that I love stuff like this. I think it is the retroness of it all that speaks to me in an ever appealing way. I am all for retrofying our future, in a tasteful manner that is. Have a look at these two videos and tell me there isn’t a part of you that misses the past, and another part of you that is happy we are now eons passed what used to be the top notch technology and designs. Phew, the world is an ever evolving place, and that is a constant that will never change.


Via: [UFunk – French]