Twitter Facts And Figures: The True History [Infographic]

Alright, so here you are thinking, “What could there possibly be more that I could learn about Twitter?” Well, there is quite a lot actually! Twitter’s history is full of milestones and valleys that would make a huge difference to your online life if it never would have become reality. There are of course countless infographics out there that present the full statistics or the full story of Twitter and everyone has their point. The cold hard facts usually never get put on a piece of paper (or an infographics rather). We continue to use the service, and it continues to grow, and rapidly I might add. It won’t be long now until Twitter actually catches up to Facebook. It will certainly be an epic battle when they actually do become equals.

True to their trade, Infographics Archive has put together an infographic that presents the true history of Twitter in terms of statistics. It’s there to help you understand the significance of Twitter as a social networking service, and also to tell the story of success that has not been seen before, except with Facebook, but then again that is a whole different story.

Did you, for example, know that it took Twitter three years two months and one day to reach a billion tweets? Nowadays we all tweet a billion tweets within a week. Talk about an increase that comes with growing pains, which is something that we have seen Twitter battle through it’s lifespan. But they always seems to figure it out, and it’s inspiring to see how they really do fix any problems that occur, and quite fast as well I might add. That’s something that I haven’t seen on Facebook. They always change and switch things around, and more than often, stuff stays broken for a day or two before they actually fix it. So, this is one point that I guess goes to Twitter. Good job!

Twitter Facts And Figures Infographic