Twitter for Dummies | Are you clueless?

There is no doubt that Twitter is the heaviest, coolest and most awesome place to make new friends and spread the word about what happens in the world faster than the speed of light. There is also no doubt that Twitter has put the world in two camps. One camp that loves, adores and with their life would fight back if anyone ever mention its existence in a bad light. Then we have the other camp made up of the “Clueless”. These are the ones that even if you tried to explain its awesomeness don’t understand even what the name hints of.

Neither camp is right and neither is wrong. So what to do? Well, Laura Fitton, one of the authors of a book called “Twitter for Dummies” thought of the perfect and ultimate peace offering to merge the two camps in a cease war and make everyone become one happy family again.

The book in itself is put together by a few authors that explain the origins of Twitter and what you can use it for as well as a bunch of guides on some well needed ethics and terms. Even though I have just briefly paged through the book I can tell you it’s quite a neat little bundle for anyone that wants to start Twittering as well as for anyone that wants to bring his or her Twittering to the next level.

Are we all just a bunch of dummies that loom around on Twitter in the hopes of one day becoming the next Internet celebrity or are we calculating savages that hide behind our master plans in order to gain as many followers as possible? I guess some are and some are not. In either case, I think that the creation of this book is well needed and I salute the initiative of writing such a book. But hey, I would never admit to buying it even if I did. I tell you, I am no Twitter Dummy… or am I?

Twitter for Dummies” can be bought from Amazon and will set you back approximately $14 for the paperback version and approximately $17 for the Kindle version.

Laura Fitton